Patents and trademarks

PledPharma has four applications for a large number of countries aiming to get an exclusive market protection and broad commercial rights for the manufacture and use of PLED therapeutics.

The first is so far approved in the US, EU, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia and Japan with patent protection until 2028.

The second is approved in Japan, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Russia and South Africa with patent protection until 2030.

The third and most important, the compound patent for calmangafodipir, the active ingredient of the drug candidates PledOx® and Aladote®, is granted by the USPTO with a patent protection until December 2032.

The fourth application has entered national stage and is expected to give a patent protection until October 2033.

In addition, PledPharma has four in-licensed patents covering therapeutic use of PLED pharmaceuticals.

PledOx® is a registered trademark since 2010 and Aladote® since 2015.

See illustration below for an overview of PledPharma’s patents and trademarks



About patent

You have to send in a patent application in every single country/region you want to have it approved but there is a centralized application process through the PCT application. The application is then examined and approved/disapproved by the individual national/regional patent authorities. It normally last for a period of 20 years from the date of filling of the PCT application. The patenting process is schematically outlined below, on a 20-year time scale.