Project Pipeline

PledPharma AB develops pharmaceuticals based on PLED substances. The project pipeline currently consists of two projects.

PledOx® (calmangafodipir) has been evaluated in a large international Phase IIb study in patients with colorectal cancer who are treated with the chemotherapy combination FOLFOX. The results show that the drug candidate can prevent nerve damage associated with cytotoxic therapy, without affecting the anti-cancer effect negatively. Read more

The drug candidate Aladote® has undergone preclinical testing and is now evaluated in a proof of principle study at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in patients with acute acetaminophen poisoning. Read more

Pharmaceutical development

Traditional drug development is performed in a step-wise approach over several years and is very costly. In the exploratory phase, a large number of substances and mechanisms are evaluated in a laboratory setting. In the preclinical phase, the effect of selected substances is evaluated in various models and the safety profile is documented to clear it for human testing. In the clinical phases, the substance is tested both in healthy volunteers and patients in several clinical studies, followed by government approval before the product can be launched.