PledPharma receives research grant

Dec 17, 2010

After completed its first clinical trial (MANFOL I) with PP-095 (PledOx®) and presented positive results, PledPharma AB has together with Linköping University and Ryhov County Hospital in Jönköping received 250 000 Swedish kronor from the Research Council of the South East Sweden (FORSS) to continue the clinical studies in patients with colon cancer going through cytostatic treatment.

PledPharma has previously received 500 000 Swedish kronor from FORSS to the completed MANFOL I study. The project is headed by Professor Rolf GG Andersson from Linköping University.

The clinical trials test whether the PledOx® reduces the frequency and severity of side effects during chemotherapy in cancer patients. Professor Ursula Falkmer at the Oncology Department at Ryhov County Hospital serves as the principal investigator in the clinical studies.

Preclinical research has shown that PledOx®, a low molecular weight SuperOxide Dismutase mimetic (SOD mimetic), protects normal cells and tissues without loss of anti-tumour activity during cytostatic treatment.

PledPharma AB develops new medicines based on Low Molecular weight Enzyme Mimetics (LowMEM) with an initial candidate PP-095 for oncology. PP-095 protects against dose-limiting side effects during cancer therapy with cytostatic drugs, without diminishing the anticancer effect. PP-095 entered clinical phase II trials in cancer patients in 2008. In addition to cancer treatment, LowMEMs have a wide range of potential indications, e.g., myocardial infarction, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.

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