About PledPharma

PledPharma is a Swedish pharmaceutical company  developing new drugs that protect the body against oxidative stress – a potentially disabling and sometimes life-threatening condition that can be caused by chemotherapy and acetaminophen poisoning. The company’s most advanced project PledOx® reduces nerve damage associated with chemotherapy. A phase IIb study has been conducted and will serve as the basis for the continued development. The drug candidate Aladote® is developed to prevent acute liver failure associated with acetaminophen/paracetamol poisoning.

PledPharma (STO:PLED) is listed on Nasdaq First North

Ongoing clinical programs

A major Phase IIb study (PLIANT) has shown that PledOx® can reduce severe side effects of chemotherapy in patients with colorectal cancer. The remaining part of the development program will be designed in consultation with the FDA. In parallel with defining the remaining part of the development plan, activities are ongoing to find a suitable partner to take the project further towards the market.PledPharma is preparing to initiate Phase III studies with PledOx® during 2017.

An  Aladote® Proof of Principle study began in May 2017 at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Our Vision

PledPharma is a leading pharmaceutical company developing new and unique therapies for debilitating and life-threatening medical conditions.

Business concept

PledPharma develops pharmaceuticals that improve treatment of people with debilitating and life-threatening medical conditions based on the company’s patented and clinically proven technology, PLED.


PledPharma aims to create value for patients, society and shareholders by developing effective new treatments for debilitating and life-threatening medical conditions.

PledPharma’s primary business goals are

  • to successfully develop PledOx® to market registration
  • to successfully develop Aladote® to clinical proof of concept

Business model and strategy

PledPharma uses its patented and clinically proven technology, PLED, to develop treatments for debilitating and life-threatening conditions caused by oxidative stress. The company focuses on a few key projects. The projects are selected based on several criteria, the most important are the medical need, scientific rational and development path. That the potential treatments are in areas with limited competition is considered to be advantageous.

With a small number of projects in development, PledPharma can give each project the attention and resources necessary for successful development work. The company has an entrepreneurial approach and manage every project in a resource efficient manner.

Operations are carried out with specialist organization with high expertise in preclinical and clinical development, that cooperates with partners carry out studies.  Moreover, PledPharma intends to work with partners for manufacturing, sales and distribution of future approved products.

Until PledPharma becomes profitable, the business is intended to be financed mainly through equity and by out-licensing of projects to commercial partners.